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Conserve Electricity



Here are some simple, either free or low cost tips on how to conserve electricity and energy. These methods will show you how to save electricity, will help you conserve energy and save money on electricity bills. While the exact amount of savings on your electricity bill are hard to estimate and include many factors, you can reduce your electricity bill by 20-40%.

What is frightening is that several national research firms, including Global Insight, expect utility rates to rise by almost    6% in 2009, and prices could increase by up to 69% by 2015. Read more.

  • Turn off your computer, or set it to standby, to save up to $75 per year on electricity. More.
  • Smart electric meters
    According to studies from the U.S. Department of Energy, the Smart Meter has reduced electricity bills by over 10 percent and is one of the most effective ways how to conserve electricity and energy. Read more on Smart Meters.
  • Water Heaters
    This is the second highest energy using item in your home and conserving here can make a difference. One way how to conserve electricity, just insulate the water heater and any exposed hot water pipes. More.
  • Air Conditioners Units - Save up to 2% in electricity costs by adjusting your temperature just 1 degree.
    You can enjoy the comfort of your air conditioning unit, pay less, and conserve if you do the following. More electricity savings with air conditioner.
  • Lighting savings
    An effective way how to save electricity is by replacing incandescent bulbs with screw-in fluorescent bulbs, which will use 75 percent less electricity and last at least 8 times longer. Your lighting accounts for around   15% of your home's electric use and it is a great way to conserve electricity. More.
  • Freezers and Refrigerators suggestions
    Something as simple as checking your door seals to ensure there are no leaks will help you conserve energy. See the other suggestions.
  • Conserve energy with your Washing Machine.
    Since almost 90% of the energy your washing machine uses goes to heating water, there are methods  to conserve electricity and save money with this appliance. Let us show you how to save.
  • Weatherization Assistance
    This program enables families to permanently conserve electricity and reduce their energy bills by making their apartments and homes more energy efficient. Continue


Find other simple ways how to conserve electricity here.



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